Volvo FH 2022 Premium by Sanax ETS2 MOD

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By purchasing the premium version of the mod, you get all the benefits of the free version of the mod. In addition, you get right away:

+ RHD version (Right Hand Drive version for all cabs and interiors)

+ Sleeper cab in two versions (with and without side windows)

+ XL cab in two versions (with and without side windows)

+ Premium black leather interior

+ Steering column and pedal animation

+ 4x2 X-Low chassis (Lowdeck)

+ 4 chassis on the WB3000 (6x2, 6x2 Tag, 6x2 Tag dual wheels, 6x4)

+ 8x4 XL chassis

+ The LightFix range of lightbars can be installed in one click with a set of markers and/or strobes already attached (2 variants of bottom grill bars, 8 variants of roof grill bars, 3 variants of side bars, 3 variants of light bars for cab deflectors all in three colors. And more models will be added later.

+ Wind deflectors (11 variants)

+ Headlight Guard (4 variants)

+ Front mudflap(2 variants)

+ Interior lights in different colours and intensities (21 variants)

+ accessory Antenna (14 variants)

+ other optional exclusive accessories

+ materials of black accessories have been reworked and various new accessories have been added

+ Everything listed in the to-do list will be added later, as well as many other new exclusive items that will not appear in the free version of the mod. As from now on, new stuff will only be added to the premium version of the mod.

+ all future updates are free

+ access to a special section of the Discord server with user support and pleasant chatting in a private circle.

+ the mod archive is unlocked, so you can easily create your own modifications for your own use

+ access to additional OptiShift software that adds new features to the game. Such as automatic activation of the passenger's corner camera when the turn signal is switched on, Volvo I-Roll, Volvo VEB, automatic Electronic Brakes, Shift system based on engine load and terrain, etc. ( To get access, you need to register on the official Discord server )


- 3 cabs Sleeper, Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL in two versions (with and without side windows)

- 15 chassis models (2 types of 4x2, 4x2 X-Low (lowdeck), 10 types of various 6x, 8x4, 8x4 XL)

- 5 standard interior styles with a variety of finishes and configurations. A total of 20 interior variants

- 14 types of seats

- the entire range of Euro 6 and TC engines and corresponding transmissions with real sounds

- 4 types of AdBlue tanks, 16 types of mirrors, 23 types of front grille, 38 types of side skirts, 51 types of fuel tanks and a large number and variety of other accessories to choose from

- a completely new high-resolution, fully digital dashboard with support for fading digits, ambient light and other features

- realistic main screen with various screens

- additional corner blind spot camera

- functioning blind spot sensors

- high-quality detailed hubs, nuts, covers, Alcoa discs in the range, as well as a range of Michelins tyres in all standard sizes... etc.


- cabs: sleeper (done), XL (done), XXL

- chassis: 4x2 lowdeck (done), long Lite Pusher, long 8x4, 10x4

- headlight protector - done

- TV in the interior

- kangaroo bars - done

- front mudflap - done

- side windows wind deflector - done

- slots for various lights - done

- working tachograph in the upper part of the cab - done

- new sideskirts with radars - done

IMPORTANT! If you have specified an incorrect email and did not receive DEF, please visit the official Discord server and contact the administrator! Or send an email to

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Volvo FH 2022 Premium by Sanax ETS2 MOD

131 ratings
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